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tv   Documentary  RT  August 27, 2018 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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the throw the communist regime of north vietnam but the casualties among civilians were much greater at least two million people died in the war. after hopes of tightening a democratic grip across the vietnamese state slipped away and up to one hundred forty one billion dollars was spent on military operations the us folded to what had been an exhausting rule at home and abroad. in one thousand nine hundred seventy three thousands of antiwar protesters would later contribute to the end of u.s. military involvement and two years later the south surrendered with viet nam forced to unite under a socialist flag. however it would take years for viet nam to hail from the wounds of the us campaign. napalm bombs and toxic herbicides left the country scarred. and its citizens suffering. fast forward to twenty eight and us phantom relations have turned a new leaf. even prospering. however there are some people who can't let go of the
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past among them the provisional national government of the third republic of vietnam most of them share one thing in common they all supported or fought for the south vietnamese army and had to flee when the war ended in one nine hundred seventy five they dream of a regime they never had a chance to see. and they're proactive about sharing their agenda they have their own prime minister and even newspapers about their cause printed in japan malaysia and thailand recently they've caught the attention of more global audience is. the ministry of public security should announce the organization of the provisional national government of vietnam as a terrorist organization. they plan to buy weapons and attend to carry out terror attacks for their plots were uncovered and they were arrested by the enemy security forces. twelve members were charged with subversion attempting to
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broadcast anti state messages described as a kook two of those behind it were american. nationals of vietnamese descent. has been revealed they openly penned letters to the u.s. president with a q. even based in california it may be almost half a century since the end of the vietnam war but under the surface there are still rumblings with some still willing to fight for a cause they never saw come to fruition. one of the two u.s. nationals who were sentenced as we just saw is high and james new in the u.s. embassy in vietnam has released a statement saying it will support him until his release and deportation to america but some locals say that the group he belongs to just doesn't understand that times have changed. this reactionary group which carries out acts of sabotage against the vietnamese government is deplorable the government is determined to maintain
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peace and stability so that the country can develop and prosperity be brought to the people the group's members should not delude themselves into thinking what they do is right what they don't understand the times have changed they don't understand the position they put themselves in when they conspired against a country i think the sentences were too lenient. and the headlines here on our two people have been shot dead in almost a dozen injured during a video game tournament in the u.s. city of jacksonville florida police say the suspect also died at the scene. there were three deceased individuals at the scene one of those being the suspect who took his own wife. there were nine victims transported by j. a part of the area hospitals. in addition there were two additional gunshot victims this transported themselves to local hospitals i'm happy to report that they are all stable condition at this time. shortly after the first reports of the attack
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began circulating video appearing to show the incident almost online to warn you you may find the following distressing. police have identified the shooter as a twenty four year old man from baltimore they say he used at least one handgun a witness described the chaos that ensued after the shooter opened fire. the last game came in sight and he said you know the answer is not only a controller he wants to meet somebody and look using the light to look up some of them using the same old man like here. because of this he. sees people
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coming out of the girl symbolically. she stunningly other people injured in the grows cold shoulder coming up here on the program on thousands of people rallied in central dublin on sunday to show solidarity with the victims of institutional abuse in ireland that story and more than just them. you know world big partisan movie. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever
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we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime tamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need
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to remember is one in one business show you can afford to miss the one and only boom but. the money program here on out see thousands of people rallied in central dublin on sunday to show solidarity with the victims of institutional. abuse in ireland the standard for truth march coincided with the end of pope francis's historic visit to the country which was marked by a papal mass of those participating carried banners and blazoned with slogans like truth justice and love and they marched in silence towards the last magdalene laundry to close in the country and the injuries were predominantly catholic run confinement institutions for women who became pregnant outside of marriage and the
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pope's visit to ireland has seen people airing their grievances over a range of historic abuse scandals involving the cow collector. if the women in ireland's was not married and got pregnant she couldn't go into an irish hospital run by the state they had to go to these units because they were sinners. and now it's time we were all not in the south they were like prison cells there was no mattress on the floor we did get a piece in that in different forms they paid to mind games with us i. think i. know all this
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law it's to single borders to the wall street children to adoption they were told it was a washington day bug and have to watch out for churchill good luck i turned my back on the church the constitution i suppose the church salsas backstreets you know and they hate so much must even their original baptism certs. the roman catholic church at the global level directed by the vatican has covered up the crimes of priests and has left. children women.
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of predatory priests that it knew posed a danger to them francis has pleaded for forgiveness over the catholic church's handling of abuse cases and met with a group of victims to hear their stories he expressed outrage over what he called repugnant crimes and promised to work to stamp out abuse in the church. twenty foster and moscow the democratic republic of congo has seen its deadliest outbreak of ebola in more than a decade since early august the virus has killed seventy two people one hundred eleven confirm all probable cases now the last major african outbreak of ebola between twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen killed eleven thousand people but for many surviving wasn't the end of the struggle if they were treated as an alp costs by their communities. documentary ebola surviving survival tells the story you can watch it at eight o'clock g.m.t. .
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for no might not want to talk about. it till we didn't have to do because it would have been a mob if it was too good of evil no don't go no no we didn't see it but we pass it would have been. i just about wraps up the program for this hour here on international though a busy day for your monday worldwide headlines we are back hope you can join us in about twenty five minutes. move. a little bit not enough in which it's really. a levels from somewhere you know.
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i came back to the community. and people we obvious down in on the road look at me oh look at us all bible going towards him. alive for. you. that's. the way to. say. she's going to. receive money doesn't that give us all that. but if you don't. know you're holding this. up because if that doesn't also i am not touching me in my life. i see a man have to die. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics
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sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. they're not going out there at how they're not very much out of luck though they are that not out of the amount of money they're going to night in america. this was a good time to. try to move. out of no mom. no not that old and get out my little body not how far north they're going to our son or ex channing and the old people we believe most of the year. a lot of my kids i don't want them up with johnny boy are they all the moment i've got a mother how to do it all the kids are there a lot of them i'm a little work in my building looking at the theme i don't want to put all the other
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most cardioid on all the other bloated. good politicians to do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. but you're going to be cross with what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first six. i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge
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funds are simply not accountable. to stabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed because we're. going to know what it. is. we saw. the best honest. showing us you know what it was you're not. you know just i mean. i remember. this it up as well i must admit that really feels i just don't get it. but those. people are going to respond on one of the. part of. my family fussy credible
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but just but that's already yes it will be and he thought of getting up there calling you seem to mean ticket. and welcome to crossfire we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of crossfire we consider one question is donald trump america first. in contradiction to the washington consensus idea of american exceptionalism the answer to this question will likely define trump's presidency and change the world in the process.
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cross talking american exceptionalism i'm joined by my guest michael flanagan in washington he's president of flanagan consulting and a former congressman in charlottesville we have david swanson he is the director of world beyond war dot org and in northwood we cross to introduce palm our he is a professor of international politics at city university london all right gentlemen crossed the rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to david first because he's written a book on the topic titled curing exceptionalism ok we have about a year and a half of this presidency i'm getting a pretty good idea what america first means in the mind of donald trump and i know very well what american exceptionalism is and i'm i'm not a big proponent of it. are is donald trump incompatible with his american firsts policies with washington's insistence. and digging their heels in very deep
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that american exceptionalism must be maintained go ahead david in charlottesville. i guess the short answer is no i don't see it i look at what donald trump does in terms of foreign policy in terms of continuing u.s. imperialism and he is dropping more bombs he is building more bases he is getting more military spending out of congress demanding more of military spending out of europe shipping weapons to more places including ukraine continuing to insist on the u.s. right to do what it wants in places like ukraine and nicaragua and around the world he's not switching policies allowing the people of afghanistan or nicaragua or anywhere else to decide. their own fate i mean the changes are all rhetorical and and in terms of mannerisms and style people in. people abroad outside the united states who see him as radically different because he
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blurts out things he doesn't act on like nato is obsolete seems to me as superficial as people within the united states who say the people the vote in crimea to rejoin russia was the big threat to peace and stability in the rule of law of the past centuries. looking at actions rather than at. ment's i don't see it continuing us policy but the good points made there michael none the less we we have the reaction of where you are this the epicenter of the swamp they see trump is being very much a threat to the outlook that has been cultivated and enforced i would point out since the end of the second world war particularly since the end of the cold war so i mean michael is right on all these points here but that's not how the people that used to run the show see it that way and they're pushing back against them in very
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very severe very peculiar ways and in particular using the media to push against him go ahead michael. yeah i think the swamp has a collectivist view definitely denies american exceptionalism writs small and that is america has the best workers in the world and we have an exceptional view of our future and we are we yourselves as is the shining light of the world and then you have experiment exceptionalism written large which as a matter of foreign policy means that we'll run the world. the i think writ small trump is a huge champion of that writ large i think your other guest is correct is he's not he's not a big champion of america run the world in the sense that we will make foreign policy for the world but we will behave any way we need to to protect our security and that that is often irrespective of what nicaragua wants or what what anybody else wants and i think trump is definitely
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a proponent of that the swamp would rather have us collectively sit with the european powers basically you know europe almost exclusively and and discuss what we need to do around the world while we pay the freight and they make the decisions and i think trump is trying to bring an end to that by threatening nato not not as an institution like eisenhower did by the way in his presidency but to say that it's not an organization that we're going to support exclusively and move on forward with interchange a you know i think combined of what we've just heard from michael and david so america first in american exceptionalism we have to find the worst possible elements of both and there being can bind that's what i've gotten from this conversation so far go ahead and norwood northwood i don't think i would violate li disagree with. you just. i think american exceptionalism is a is a particular kind of nationalism and that nationalism as attached to it
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a great sense of the uniqueness ends of patriarchy and to a large degree insoles of that by what is behind certain kinds of values and now. where president trump probably it differs from his previous esas by president obama and george w. bush as well is that in a way he's rejected the rhetoric of values of democracy or human rights and promoting those kind of liberal values in favor of the kid our so i would say that that's the principal difference between those two there is also a strategic disagreement as well and i think that largely is around. the relationship that the united states or president trump is building with russia and the bigger geopolitical picture i think which he has in his mind possibly by and reconsider the home secretary of state about some kind of a possible russian chinese splits and i think there's
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a big disagreement about that but that's a deja question the overall united states continues to exert its up but i think the rhetoric around values i think president trump doesn't have any time he's much more about asserting the war are out of the dollar or of the trade of market access and of the american military ok well david i mean it i guess in a way trump is probably more honest than his predecessors because he doesn't talk about democracy promotion as you know but that it's always been a cover i think only people in the swamp actually believe in that rhetoric anymore forcefully bringing democracy to the world i don't see where it works no one's ever empirically proven it to me but but so really it's the same thing it's american exceptionalism with the just a different rhetoric i guess you know that makes a lot of sense go ahead david. that's exactly right the rhetoric has changed a lot more than the substance of the disagreement between the make america great
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again people and the america already has great people is not around the need for the united states to have double standards and a set of laws only for itself and superiority the rest of the world that is universally agreed upon in washington the disagreements around rhetoric around domestic policies and around russia and the demand from the from the democrats i wouldn't dignify it by calling it strategic it's more trying to explain hillary clinton's loss and hating anything trump does so if he threatens north korea that's crazy if he fails to threaten russia that's crazy you know that the disagreement is is around this this mythical story of the evil deeds of russia and that their gargantuan significance in the in the context of the good us law abiding behavior and there you know you can give trump credit for refusing to bow to the russia gaiters otherwise i give him very little credit for anything. as he continues
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disastrous policies that are taking this country and the rest of the world over a cliff you know again. the rhetoric is is certainly different and some of the actions are too i mean i don't think any of us really took seriously that there would be a meeting with kim so soon nothing much came of it and now he wants to meet with the iranian leader a days before in capital letters on twitter threatening and i mean michael how do you explain that or is that just expediency the midterms it's the here and now and worry about the implications later because i mean from the on the outside looking in this is very confusing and we're supposed to be experts to be able to figure this stuff out go ahead michael. i think one of the hallmarks of trump's foreign policy is that it's trump. it's not. a collective view of the state department with way and this from d o d and other places and intelligence it's trump. and he's
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proven to be fairly adept at it so far however you may or may not like the outcomes he's gotten in with korea he's reworked trade agreements in europe and elsewhere some of it has been to our total benefit some of it has been a conciliatory benefit. we enjoy a relationship with china we haven't had and maybe ever. i don't know that what he's doing is confusing bad evil wrong or fattening but what i do know is that it's in his head and it's been working with us far. talking diplomatic level and so i'm not prepared to throw it over just because i don't understand no you know i get on with that which i don't understand i can't i get your point maybe i get your point i mean in the way he sees the world here and his base and i think it may go back to northwood here it seems to me. even a year a year and a half in the dawn of time doesn't have a lot of interest in foreign policy he's made
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a group of promises on the stump and he's committed to realizing each one of them i've never seen it a president so adamant going through his checklist ok is it really he is. idea of american exceptionalism american for us is it really does domestic politics driving it for him. well i think you're right i mean there is a very very great interest in domestic politics and he has made a whole lot of promises and as you say i think the first thing that steve mann and by the edge of the white house it's a was to put up a whiteboard and put a whole lot of the promises made and and start ticking them off her but i think the foreign policy perspective the president from hers is one of increasing american power and extracting as much value economically commercially financially and so on from our allies associated powers and on enemies and i think all that is down to who's our long term idea that america has been ripped up and i think if you look at
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domestic politics then the kind of people you defined as or americans. he basically so he wants a message that you have been ripped off white american men in particular by women by minorities by immigrants and so on and you lost status of what he's going to do our store american greatness in the game going to just going to job any area or mail or home i we have an american we are abroad i have a large brain reserve sort of after an average of our break we'll continue our discussion on american exceptionalism stay with us.


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